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About Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dimapur

The district KVK is located at Jharnapani, about 25 Km away from Dimapur. The proper functioning started in 1985-1986 in Dimapur district with the recruitment of staff. The land for KVK was provided by the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Nagaland.

The mandates of KVK are following:

  • To conduct on farm trials.

  • To conduct front line demonstrations.

  • To conduct on and off campus trainings to upgrade the skill of farmers, farm women , rural youth and school drop outs.

  • To upgrade the skills and knowledge of extension functionaries with latest agricultural technologies.

  • To organize other extension activities.

The annual rainfall is 1500-2000mm and is mostly received from May to September from southwest monsoon. The Maximum temperature observed is 38oC in summer and minimum temperature is 10oC in winters. Relative humidity is 70-90%.
So far technologies on improved method of cultivation, introduction of  high yielding varieties of field crop as well as horticultural crops, fruits and vegetable preservations, mushroom cultivation, watershed management and animal husbandry have been disseminated in a total of 36 villages covering 29342 beneficiaries.

Our Mission:

KVK team tests and assess / refine various technologies in both on campus and off campus, imparts trainings on recent technologies in agriculture and allied sectors. It also focus on innovative and recent technologies that have immediate application in farmers field and plan for all round development and upliftment of rural people.
To design, develop and act as a pool of new knowledge and skills required by the farmers, to improve the socio-economic status of rural people with continuous collective research and extension services to bring a sustainable development and nutrional security at household level. Sustainable development implies the management of available resources for agriculture and allied sectors to satisfy the changing human needs, while maintaining or enhancing the quality of the environment and conserving the natural resources.

Thrust area of KVK, Dimapur:

  • To increase the cropping intensity

  • Plant protection measures in Agri-horti crops

  • Water harvesting for pisci- culture and life saving irrigation to agricultural crop

  • Replication of farming system models to achieve food and nutritional security at house holds level

  • To popularize the improved breeds of poultry and piggery

  • Management and health care of livestock

  • To popularize integrated fish farming

  • Mother and child care

  • Post Harvest and value addition in fruits and vegetables


Road map of KVK:

  • Benchmark survey, PRA, RRA to document the existing traditional farming practices, production technology and cropping systems.

  • Identification of potential farming system of the district and finding technological gap, reasons for gap in adaptation and technological interventions that can be initiated. Identification of major problems related to agriculture and allied sectors.

  • Natural and human resource mapping.

  • Production of quality seeds for turmeric, Assam lemon and Black pepper.

  • Improvement of Jhum cultivation system for sustainable production in the district and promoting permanent farming system.

  • Soil mapping of the district in collaboration with District Soil and water conservation office, Dimapur.

  • Documentation of wild edibles of the district.

  • Identifying the scope for farm mechanization and introduction of farm mechanization.

  • Identifying major insects and diseases of different crops.

  • Promotion of Organic cultivation in the district.

  • Promotion of low cost rain water harvesting structure Jalkund.

  • Post harvest processing and value addition in important commodities.

  • Promotion of hybrid maize cultivation, QPM varieties in the district.

  • Trials and demonstration on high yielding and disease resistant crop varieties for higher production in the district.

  • Trials and demonstration for improvement of livestock including poultry and piggery for better production.

  • Development of Integrated Farming System models in the district.

  • Demonstrations on poultry/piggery cum fish farming.

  • Promotion of local entrepreneurs for agricultural and allied sectors enterprise and creating marketing channels and credit linkages.

Site developed and maintained by: KVK Dimapur, ICAR Complex for NEH Region, Jharnapani, Medziphema-797 106, Nagaland.


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