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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Medicinal and Aromatic plants in Dimapur district

There are a lot of medicinal plants locally available in the district and are being used by the local doctors called Kaviraj. Many of these have not been identified and documented so there is urgent need of identification and documentation of these potential spps.   Some of the species cultivated of large scale include, Tulsi (Green and Black both), Chiraita (King leaf), Aloevera etc. Citronella/ Lemon grass are also being promoted for cultivation in the district during 2001-02.

1. Area under different Medicinal and Aromatic plants

Area under cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants is 200 hectares and production is about 300 MT

(Statistical Handbook of Nagaland- 2007) 

2. Constraints, Strategy and Action plan-

            Lack of awareness of indigenous medicinal plants. Identification and documentation of indigenous medicinal plants must be taken care of. The climate and soil conditions are very much suitable for cultivation of Lemon grass. During 2001-02 many farmers have started cultivation of Lemon grass but stopped after 2 -3 years due to lack of processing units. So development of processing unit for extraction of Oil and Oleoresins are necessary for the promotion of medicinal and aromatic plants in the district. Patchouli and Vanilla are being promoted by Department of Land Resources, Govt. of Nagaland, Dimapur for cultivation in the district but due to lack of marketing and processing units the farmers are being discouraged so development of market infrastructure and marketing channels and processing unit for extraction of Oil and Oleoresins need to be taken care of.


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