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Fisheries in Dimapur district

1. Introduction and potentials of fisheries

Dimapur district has got good potential for fishery development in dams, rivers, ponds and small lakes, which is under progress in some areas like in Zuheshe Village under Niuland Sub Division, and a big fishery development project is also under progress near Seithekima- A village. The district has a lot of marshy land which can be developed into ponds and fish farming will raise economic status of the rural poor. Fishery department is assisting the rural poor by providing fingerlings under renovation scheme. Paddy cum fish culture is being practiced in the valley or low lying areas of the district. The department of fisheries has constructed the dams in Chathe river to improved the condition of fish farming in the district.


2. Current area under Fisheries production and productivity

Though the district has the potential for development of fisheries, the total area of the fish farming is only 1170.81 hectares (source Dept. of Fisheries, Govt. of Nagaland). The production statistics for the district is not available. KVK Dimapur is in the process of building a data base on fisheries by 2010. Under Renovation scheme Fingerlings were distributed by the department of fisheries, Govt. of Nagaland, during 2004 -05 for Dimapur district.


Number of Fishery ponds

99 numbers

Fingerlings supplied

129 lacs


375 MT

Number of beneficiaries

55 numbers

Source: Statistical handbook of Nagaland 2007



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