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Forestry in Dimapur district

Before the state of Nagaland was separated from Assam, Dimapur Forest division was under Dhansiri valley forest division of Assam till the constitution of  Naga Hills, separated from Assam in the year 1958 alongwith Tuensang and Mon area (NEFA). There is no Forest division worth name in Naga Hills except few Forest Offices viz. Rangapahar Range with Beat Offices under range at Dimapur and Nichugard (Chumukedima). Dimapur forest division as Kohima forest division came into being headed by a Deputy conservator of Forest with headquarter at Dimapur alongwith the creation of a new unit called Naga Hills Tuensang Area (NHTA) in the year 1961. The then Kohima forest division  covers the present district of Kohima , Peren, Mokokchung, Zunheboto, Wokha, and part of Tuensang, Mon, Longleng and Kiphere with its range and Beat Offices at Rangapahar , Kohima, Nichgard (Chumukdema), Mokokchung and Naganimora for managing the reserved forests viz. Rangapahar R.F. , Singphan R.F. and Intanki R.F.

1. The forest type

Under the district is mostly Northern Tropical Semi Evergreen forest (2B). Forest cover of the district as per 2005  SFR report as follows:

1.   Dense forest 140.00 sq km

2.   Open forest 266.00 sq km

3.   Scrub forest 6.00 sq km

4.   Non forest 4.00 sq km

Total = 416.00 sq km

2. Legal status of forest

1.      Reserved forest 62.26sq km

2.      Purchased land 8.1238 sq km

3.      Zoological parks 4.700 sq km

            Total = 75.0838 sq km

Source: DFO, Dept of Forest, Dimapur

3. Constraints, Strategy and Action plan 

            The division with a total dense forest cover of 140 sq km includes reserved forest for 62.66 sq km and purchased land for 8.1238 sq km. However, land encroachment is the  major problem. Community Wildlife Sanctuary and Community Botanical Garden through people and community participation in conservation of the rich natural resource of the district is the alternative for the land encroachment. Financial assistance is provided to villagers for planting of forest tree saplings.      

Source: DFO, Dept of Forest, Dimapur  


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